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Write for us is always on the lookout for quality content.

Dear Visitor,

We want to make the number one blog for professional webmasters. For this ambitious goal we are seeking professional bloggers/writers for quality content. We seek writers or a team of writers to develop a long-term relationship with.

All the blog articles will be about webmaster related topics (css, xhtml, photoshop, dreamweaver, webdesign, php, seo, internet marketing, graphics, icons etc). Every article will be a so called “Pillar article” or “Flagship content”.

These blog posting have the following characteristics

  • They consist of a list of things (like Top 100 Wordpress Themes, 50 CSS tutorials, 50 Great Icons). The list items have a title, linked to the website, a short description and an image (max width 500px, but please use smaller image for long lists). Furthermore the long lists should be split in several subsections and at the top of the list you should have links to these section (these link just link to that part of the section on the same page, not a new page).
  • the content of these articles will stay relevant for weeks / months
  • they offer a clear value to the reader (and are likely to end up in their bookmarks)
  • the content is informative and unique
  • Contain lots of images

Other things to keep in mind

  • All articles must be posted (along with the images) to our Wordpress blog. We will provide you the login details
  • Please write in the “we” form
  • Keep SEO in mind (but don’t just write for Search Engines)
  • Articles must be structured logically, be grammatically correct and be written in good English
  • We will retain all rights to the articles, they may not be sold to anyone else or published elsewhere.
  • Be creative in your research, there are many websites where you can find inspiration for webmaster related topics. But please don’t copy from other websites!
  • Don’t just spin PLR articles into new articles.
  • Don’t use automated software.

Please chose one  or more topics from this list (we are also open for other topics, but we prefer topics from this list.)

  • Top 50 SEO tips
  • Top 50 Webdesign Tools
  • Top 70 Wordpress plugins
  • Top 30 Websites for Free CSS-Based Design Templates
  • Top 70 PHP Tutorials
  • Top 70 Ajax Tutorials
  • Top 100 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
  • Top 100 Dreamweaver Tutorials
  • Top 100 Photoshop Tutorials
  • Top 30 WYSIWYG Editors
  • Top 100 open source software for webmasters

Examples of blogs and lists

Please remember, get inspired by these great websites and other websites alike. Respect their copyright and never copy their content!

The max width of the images of each article should be 500px. The best way to get images is to make a screenshot of the external website. We recommend you to use the free version of  Page Saver plugin for FireFox. Then make a photoshop action set where you automatically crop, scale and save these images. Every time you load an image in photoshop you just need to run that action.

Payment terms

  • We don’t pay per word. We don’t want our writers to leave out words just to stay around the agreed word count. Likewise we don’t want writers to fill an article with useless words, which can be easily omitted, just to reach the word count. The amount of words should be as much as necessary.
  • Please calculate how much time it will take for you to write and post an article (including images) to our blog. Multiply that amount with your hourly rate for the total rate.
  • We pay only using paypal and on Elance through escrow is product of

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